High Water Bilge Pump UPDATE

Our boat came equipped with an optional high water bilge pump. Only problem was the switch was so high and the wire connections so low it would have shorted out before pump would go on. On top of that wires were corroded and some not connected.

My brother in law spent a lot of time to lower the float switch and get wires connected. One trick I learned from him was to use WD-40 to clean wires and remove the corrosion.

Now I have to go back and screw in the float switch in its new lower location and add waterproof connections.

I did go back to screw in the float switch. Since it was located next to the pump that had been installed by the previous owner I went ahead and drilled a hole for the switch. To my surprise water started gushing out of the small screw hole! I promptly put a screw in and it stopped the water. When I checked it the next week it was still weeping water around the screw so I took it out and replaced it with one coated in 3M Marine sea lent 5200 fast cure.

The weeping has stoped, but when I haul the boat I think I’ll repair the hole with resin just to be certain.

As far as the switch goes I dared not drill another hole so instead I used some Velcro to hold the switch in place. I used a little sealant to hold the bottom part of the Velcro down as the adhesive on It wasn’t strong enough.

I want to replace another bilge pump, but I won’t be drilling any holes!