Tropical Storm Isaias Update And using the Snappi Tool for the first time

Storm passed by without doing any damage to our boat in Newport, but knocked down a bunch of limbs in my drive way in Western Mass. Spent hours with a chain saw cleaning up the mess. Hauled about five small pickup truck loads of debris to our lot in the back of our property. Fortunately there was no damage to our house, or other out buildings.

Biggest pain was trying to put the Bimini cover back on the boat. At the Newport boat show last Fall, when they could still have boat shows, I bought something called a Snappi tool that cleans and lubricates metal snaps. I bought it to try with the seat cushions in the cockpit but never got around to using it. I figured I should try it on the Bimini cover snaps so I opened it up and did. It comes with some lubricant and even a little wrist strap. I was skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I had a real problem getting the cover on earlier in the year, but after using the Snappi it just snapped right on without a struggle. I even liked the little wrist strap because it is so easy to have things drop off the boat into the water to disappear forever.