Despite Covid , can I depart for my world trip on september 27? Who wants to join?

Hello dear reader,

I have been struggling, like so many, because closed borders make international sailing complicated, if not impossible.

Personally i planned to leave in June, sail around the UK and then go south, round Africa to Asia. But Africa is still in lockdown, and so is the UK for Dutch people, i hope still for an opening before i set sail next month.

Long have i had doubts if I should not just postpone everything for a year, but the other "virus" .... lovesailing ... has given me courage to depart, with some delays and just go there where sailing is still possible. For now that seems to be the Mediterranean, EU part. I've only been sailing between the Baleares, but now I'll go in winter, and discover what it's like over there in that season.

Join me

I'll be sailing alone probably, as travelling is still difficult. But I'm open to anyone who wants to join me part of the way/time this autumn, winter and spring. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.