Broken Dreams

Walk around any boatyard and you will find many abandoned dreams. Wooden boats. Steel boats. GRP boats. Fin keel. Bilge keel. Long. Short. You name it, you’ll find it. The short walk from my home on water to the car and I’ll pass a number of such boats in varying states of decay.

Wildgoose was once abandoned to such a fate when she should have graced the world’s oceans. Instead, in forty years she has had just two short passages. The original owner bought her as a kit boat – you remember those – in 1981. When he sadly passed away in 2005 she was still unfinished. She lay unloved in a boatyard on the Hamble until she caught the eye of someone who did not know what he was looking for but he bought her. Did some work. A little. Not much. The yellow paint was definitely not a good idea ! He moved her from the Hamble to Shoreham in 2014. Still unfinished. But at least after thirty-three years she had been to sea. Then he gave up and persuaded someone to buy her. Me.

I employed couple of chaps to do some work on the boat, bought some sails, added some standing rigging and in 2016 sailed (mostly motored) up to Potton Creek close to the Thames Estuary. So, two voyages in thirty-five years. 250 miles? What a waste. My plans were then put on hold as the state (that’s the UK government) decided to withdraw the funding for mum’s care so I had two years of battling through so many biased reviews about what constitutes healthcare (but that’s another story). Little work done on Wildgoose and by the time my lovely mum had passed most of the funds put to one side to finish Wildgoose had been donated to the UK government / lawyers and other nice people.

Now Wildgoose is getting the TLC she truly deserves …. But that’s another chapter …