Newport RI Boat Parade, Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Newport to Bristol RI parade was unique in that there were some sailboats in it. Of course Newport is known for sailing so that wasn’t a surprise. The organizers even tried to accommodate us by asking the motor boaters to keep the speed down to six knots, but I didn’t want to rev the engine up to much and fell back to the end of the line of about a thousand boats.

The result of running slow was we ended up at the back of the flotilla so we were bobbing like a cork in the wake of all those stink pots and breathing their exhaust fumes that were making me sick so I turned back after only going about half way to Bristol. One of the sailboats from the Coaster Harbor Navy marina where I keep my boat stuck with it.

It would be interesting for someone to organize a parade for sailboats only under sail. If you want to join a parade in your area I suggest trying to get in the front and that means unless you can cruse at over six knots under power you may have a hard time.