Happy New Year! ... Reflection of start and finish of 2020

Happy New Year! ...  Reflection of start and finish of 2020

Hello to all here and hope you are having a wonderful first day. There is residual poo left from the old year so just need to be careful and watch where you step.

I ended 2020 with a sail from LA Harbor to Marina Del Rey in beautiful weather and just the right amount of wind. Helping a friend move his boat to a new slip. Ending the year on a good note feeling almost like it was normal.

Last January 1 2020 the beginning of a year we hope we will never repeat I ended up twisting my ankle, tearing the ligaments in my right shoulder, and causing myself positional vertigo from the fall on the sailboat I was racing on. I said this is going to be a f'd up year. I hope I don't end up in a full-body cast by December 2020. It took me two weeks until I could walk normally, 2 months until I exercised the vertigo away, and 6 months until I could fully use my right arm. Then it was like the entire planet was experiencing something f'd up with me. I'm staying home today and not attempting anything risky. This is the beginning of a safe and sane year. I hope yours is a wonderful year and will enjoy 2021 doing what you love.