No Boat Shows

This time of year I used to look forward to going to the boat shows. The big one was the New England Boat Show in Boston, but I would also go to the Rhode Island Show in Providence, and the Defender show at the dealer where you could meet the reps and take advantage of the deals on everything for your boat. Of course because of the darn COVID-19 all the shows have been canceled this year.

They tried to do virtual shows, but they are no substitute for the real thing. I really don't need anything new for my boat this year, except to find a place to have it hauled and painted in the Spring, but I liked going to the shows and always learned new things about my boats equipment. I also found some great vendors that could work on it.

For example I found a company called Head Sink in Newport that actually does all the plumbing work on the boats water system and the head. Another company did work on my diesel heater (turned out it wasn't working because the previous owner put in the wrong gauge of wires), a company that does bow thrusters (they gave me decals to indicate where the thrusters are so when it is hauled they'll put the straps in the right place), and I tailed tp a rigger that helped me figure out why my furling main wasn't furling easily.

Another sign of spring is when the Marina sends out contracts for the summer. I keep my boat in the water year round at Coaster Harbor Marina on the Navy Station in Newport RI so I went down last week to sign the papers and pay for the summer dockage. I also go down every once in a while all winter to check to see if the boat is ok.

So, it is still Winter, but February is a short month and I always feel like it goes fast. March is still a cold crappy month, but some flowers come out at the end of the month and there are some nice days. Spring will follow soon.

Big question is COVID-19. The vaccine is becoming available and I should qualify for my first shot in mid February here in Massachusetts. I hope that by May a lot of people will be able to get it so I can invite people to crew and sail. I suggest that if you can get vaccinated you get it. I think airlines are going to require certification of vaccination and if you have proof it should make it easier to find people to sail with.

In the mean time I am trying to enjoy the winter skiing and taking Horse Back Riding lessons.