Winter Activities When i Can't sail.

I wrote about how I ended up starting to ski a few years ago and it is a great winter activity because its to cold to sail. I went to Newport this week to pay for summer storage and to check on my boat that we keep in the water year round. On the way across the Newport Pell bridge I noticed a sail boat on the bay! There are nice days when I wouldn't mind taking the boat out for a sail even in the winter, but after I winterize it I don't want to go through the process again until Spring. I suppose I would only have to put antifreeze in the diesel salt water cooling system again, but it is a pain to do and finding someone to sail in the winter isn't that easy especially with COVID. My wife doesn't like the cold and my son doesn't like sailing that much even in the warm months so I stick to skiing.

This year I decided to pick up a new activity. I bought my son another horse and I should have known better but I thought he would ride him this time. He is finishing up his degree late because of COVID and works part time so he just hasn't had the interest. I ended up taking care of Maverick and his side kick a pony named Black Jack. I finally decide I might as well learn to ride him myself. I figured if I could learn to ski at 70 I can learn to ride at 73 so I go for lessons once a week.

I watched my son ride since he was little and he played Arena Polo in high school. Watching him ride the polo ponies at a full gallop with the reins in one hand and swing the mallet in the other he made riding look easy. I found that is isn't easy at all. My instructor thinks it is important to learn how to post and I find it hard to do. I am happy to just walk the horse, but understand how important it is to know how to post in case the horse takes off.

I hope by Spring I'll have enough experience to do some riding on Maverick. But, Maverick is also going to have to take some lessons before I do. He wasn't trained properly when I bought him (as I said i shouldn't have) and now he is has to be before I get on him. I'll send him away for a month or two in March and April so he can get the training I need. It will also give me a break from feeding and mucking. I'll keep the pony here, but he a very easy keeper.