Catalyst that causes Change

Dreams await and you can create the life you want. I mean, that is what I teach people by guiding them to changing their lives for the better. I too have many dreams where i took risks to live. Was it difficult ? Hell yeh,to get rid of how you were socialised and programmed takes time.

One of my dreams was to teach English in China so I left the Telecommunication industry, a secure job I had in a good paying company for 18 years to live the nomadic life. I signed the contract and even used techniques from the book the "Secret" to visualise how fantastic my life would be in the city I was assigned in 2020; Dalian Liaoning .

The city was exactly what I loved, the ocean was nearby and fresh sea food, steal of a deal huh! But each dream has a grey area; mine was the metamorphosis of COVID into disappointment. Borders closed and just like that my dream was up in smoke. Then the abyss of darkness felt it did not clutch me tightly enough more challenges snuck in with a plan to oust me. Just when the challenge catapult into an explosion a calmness came, but with dissipation came fragments to clean up compounded with exhaustion and finally the lesson.

I realised in the midst of struggle there were 2 options, roll over like the opossum (to tell you the truth I did that for a while) or dig deep and burst through the surface like a raging volcano. Well from reading this you should guess by now which one I chose :-)

The ocean is my safe place where I heal, so gonna do that sailing course finally! Hell why not?