Alicante and then ...

Hi all,

So nice to read the other posts and to see so much is happening in mostly positive ways. Despite Covid we are sailing, or preparing to sail the season again. And despite travel bans, people still manage to travel, even by airplane. It's a nuisance though with all the testing etc. It keeps me in Spain for now, not going back to the family for a short visit.

I've been in Alicante, Spain, now for almost 3 weeks, ordering things for upgrades/improvement. Most has been done now, the only thing remaining is to finalise the installation of my new navigation system. I upgraded from Raymarine C80 to an Raymarine Axiom 9 plus. Unfortunately the old radar is no longer compatible, and my old AIS receiver neither. So I've ordered a new AIS transponder/receiver as well. That should be installed early next week. Then some testing and hopefully ready to depart the next weekend.

Next destination: Baleares, where i will pick up a new crewmember. The first one to join me for some weeks. She lives on Mallorca, so there are no travel and testing troubles. It will be nice to have another person on board to spend time with, and together make pans for a couple of weeks.

Alternative for wastewater tank.
I have been pondering a long time about the installation for a wastewater tank for toilet and/or shower etc. But this type of boat, Bavaria 40 from 2002, has really very little space below the floorboards, not to mention the tight spaces between hull and interior the leave practically no space for extra pipes to be installed. So I let go of that plan and ordered a camping toilet (chemical toilet) for those places where it is forbidden or undesirable to flush straight into the sea. Especially here in the Mediterranean is very little current so your shit will be near the boat a long time. Not really nice for swimming. I hope the authorities will approve of it if they ever check.

By the way: Alicante is the "home port" for the famous "Ocean Race" (formerly Volvo Ocean Race). It's a deep marina, almost everywhere 7 metres.

Safe sailing all,