Woohoo! No longer a floating condo!

Woohoo!  No longer a floating condo!

Six months ago I had the diesel engine a Perkins 4 108 removed due to oil leaking out at a 1/2 liter an hour. They were just going to replace seals and gaskets. After digging in there was scoring on the crank shaft and it goes from there as they disassembled. It's not the rebuild that takes 6 months....that took three. Then scheduling everyone at the crane to put it in. Tow boat, mechanic, yard. Now the engine is in...

Am I supposed to hook up the gas, water, electrical? I keep calling the diesel shop but commercial jobs keep coming up and push me down the line. Finally after two trips fuel, water exhaust is hooked up. I called my fav electrician and said I will pay you anything to get my engine running. He did a beautiful job of running and bundling the wires. Worth whatever he charges me. I did redo the exhaust system because the muffler was leaking.

Today was my first day motoring out of the slip and around the harbor running it hard. No problems! I will start going to Catalina Island next week. Leaving at 8am so I can motor over and then sail back late in the afternoon when I return. I want to get lots of hours on before the warranty expires.