Finally Sailing

Finally got out on the bay the past couple of days. It has been so long that I almost forgot what to do, ha ha. But, today we took the boat out for a short sail just to make certain everything is working ok. I was very pleased at how easily the Main Sail furled into the Selden in mast furler.

The key was I cleaned out the gears on the furling system in both the in mast and Furlix job furling with Dawn detergent and water and then lubed it with Selden lube. When I first got the boat it was exhausting to try to furl the sail even using the wench and wench handle. I even tried using an electric drill!

At the boat show in Boston before everything was shut down for Covid a rigger told me that before I put an electric wench in try cleaning and lube. It worked. Now I can easily furl the sail by hand.

The other impressive thing about today was how cool it was on the boat in Newport. When I got home late this afternoon it was over 95ºF (35ºC). It was at least 20 degrees F (7ºC) cooler there. The boat has air conditioning, but I only needed to open a couple of hatches and it was really comfortable on the boat. Of course the wind was blowing at a nice steady rate.