I lost my phone right outside of the mouth to the gulf there south of Punta Gorda. I had planned on checking the weather and deciding if I was going to sail North to Tampa or go straight across to Niceville but not having my phone I lost confidence in my memory of the weather patterns long-term and decided to play it safe and go north. So for 3 days I single-handed North was a nice wind coming off beam reach. Then when I went to turn in at Tampa, I got a nice lesson and how close to the wind I can Sail and how difficult it is to get this boat out of irons ortak and how much space it takes to Jive at least is a single hander. I spent three days outside the entrance to Tampa before my starboard rudder got a sea anchor wrapped around it from somebody and pulled it off. Hey, I have a new sea anchor -milkcrate-. ⚓

my first clue is getting woken up buy four significant hull slaps in a row, directly under my bed, waking me up. I stepped out into ankle-deep water in my starboard Hull. 

At that point I wake up pretty quick grab a light turn it on get to the kitchen sinks and start bailing water. I quickly take an empty gallon jug of juice and cut it open for a better receptacle and bail water for about 15 to 20 minutes to verify that I'm making Headway. I  am. So I relax a little bit and continue bailing for another two and a half hours non-stop at a more reasonable pace. Once I have the water down below the floorboards I verify that the bilge pump is not functional because the wiring to it is household wiring instead of tinned copper. Oh joy. I step out into the cockpit and see my Rudder sitting at a 45 degree angle. Note to self when you have rotor cheeks like this, pull your rudders when you anchor. At that point I pulled my router out of its cheeks and verify that the bottom cheek Mount has snapped. And I have two quarter inch bolt holes into my hall through the transom below the waterline where the center bolts snapped the outer bolts are still there connected to the metal the metal hinge Point itself snapped in throne. I filled those what are the combination of small pieces of aluminum tape wrapped in butyl tape and then covered the holes with a piece of butyl tape because sealed them perfectly I have had zero water Ingress since patching the holes. 

I also was cheating, and using my one working engine outboard spin the boat to make tracking way easier single-handed, that ended on day two in the Gulf when the engine died and when I went to pull start it it sounded and felt is all there's a significant resistance inside I think I may have spun a bearing.

I got pulled in and dropped off on the northeast side of Anna Maria Island outside of Bradenton.

I've been here about a week, got my phone fixed had my dinghy stolen, replaced the dinghy and now repairing my replacement dinghy while awaiting a motor guy to come look at my Motors. My cheeks have been dropped off at a propeller shop which is undertaking repairs for me and that should be ready middle of this week to the end of next week at the latest. Today is 9 / 7 / 2021