Anna Marie

I've been here at Anna Maria Island for almost 3 weeks now it feels like. Time seems to slip by and I have trouble keeping track :-) I bought a new dinghy well a used1. It's been having issues and I've been rebuilding it to see the photo selection. I've been blessed by good people all around me here both of the place to work a place to land as well as the ability to borrow some tools.

a small motor guys supposed to connect with me tomorrow around noon to move my boat over to his shop and work on my Motors. My Rudder cheek has been dropped off for repair at a shop. If all works out well I should be able to leave within two weeks and continue on to Niceville Florida or I will stay for a few months and get a part-time job then do some more repairs on the boat I eat rewiring the starboard PC system since the port system is all tea and water but the starboard system is all household Romex. Surprise! 

I feel very good about the fact that I've done this job as good as I've done with literally a pocket knife and a Leatherman and a borrowed Sawzall screw gun hand circular saw. It's a good thing I learned how to use tools a long time ago