Plastic aboard

In over the 15 years i have been out i am constantly amazed by the amount of plastic i have seen in the water.  I have posted a few pictures in my pictures -- the first is the plastic bottles of water that was in a market in Turkey for charter boats - my question why?  The second picture is refillable bottles i have on board.  The third is some trash that wrapped around my prop on a sail along the Morocco coast and no it did not come from Morocco as we saw a whole lot plastic from Spain down to Morocco.  Fourth is the trash picked up off the ocean floor in Grenada.  

I have been drinking water off the docks for 15years except in a few circumstances - for example the San Blas.  Yea i have a water maker but i do fill my tanks at docks before departing.  Some say the water dangerous but i am still here and never been sick and actually very health.  

So tell my why do folks need all that bottled water before heading out?  Just a question.