My boat, building the dream.

My boat, building the dream.

We all have dreams. The ones that come true are the ones we work for. We are the architect of our goals and so much of where we are in life is because of where we decided to put in the effort.

I am currently building my dream boat, hopefully destined to sail me to far off places in search of adventure. Luckily this isn’t my first rodeo rebuilding old boats. This happens to be my third one. Third times a charm they say, I believe that fits the bill here.

Designed by Gary Mull and custom built, She is 42.3 feet overall. 14.2 beam. 7.3 draft. She is a sailing machine, a thoroughbred offshore workhorse from the IOR days (international offshore rule).

I don’t plan on racing her, but I do plan on capturing every ounce of performance in her blood. Not only does she handle well, she is extremely fast and fun to sail. She is designed to go upwind in waves and run downwind in stiff breezes under spinnaker. She will make the perfect cruising boat for me.

She has hydronic backstay, baby stay and boomvang. Her rig is easily tuned to the conditions, and her hank on sails will always be of good shape and proper cloth weight.

Her interior is modest, some would say spartan, but to me it’s perfect. It’s all business with comfort reserved for the right places. Open and ergonomic.

I’m turning the aft stateroom into two double staterooms, and there are two huge bunks in the salon. The galley is to starboard and the nav table to port. The head is forward in the bow with sail storage. The motor sits center over the keel with a workshop along side.

320 watts of solar charge 400 amp hours of battery bank.

I am converting her back to tiller, and have plans of putting a self steering windvane on the transom like I have always done with my boats.

She is simple, rugged and sexy...well she will be when I’m done! She’s getting there!

Now if I could just finish the damn thing! Ha!

Anybody want to lend a hand?