Hydrovane arrived

Sooner than anticipated UPS delivered my Hydrovane. In only 3 days from Vancouver to Rotterdam.

This is a fast world, a world i like to escape when i cast off next year. Slow down, live with the tides.

So now I have these 4 boxes in my livingroom and I'm reading the manual. It will be an adventure to install it. I hate to drill holes in my boat, but in this case I need to make at least six 10 mm holes. There are some preparations to be made before actually doint the installation. A pity i cannot show pictures here, but maybe I'll make a vlog for my patreon site. I've been neglecting that since summer last year ... (no sailing done).

Another action to be taken is to take the old 9.9 Yamaha outboard to a repair shop to be serviced. I bought it from a colleage, who had it in his barn for 5 years. I don't hav the time, or the knowledge to service it myself, so best invest in a professional, so I can be sure it works when I need it.

(still need to buy a dinghy as well) :-)