Looking ahead

I managed to start a bit with the hydrovane installation steps. First had to do is decide where to place it. Decided Port side will have most space for it, so i had to reinforce the polyester hull (transom) at the location of the bottom bracket. Not easily accessibe and terribly ventilated there, but managed to get the first stage done without suffocatining ;-) I prepared three hardwood pads to fit between the brackets and the outer hull. Still need to shape them so they will fit perfectly with the curve of the transom. Unfortunately i got a bit sick and works have stagnated, season is starting but have not even been out of the box yet for a trial run. Due to my job/training i have too little time to go out as much as i would love to, but I console myself with the knowledge that next year I'll have full time sailing ahead of me for several years :-)

One more thing I have done is to decide I'll have the whole rigging renewed in autumn. This Bavaria of 2002 still has all the original fittings and cables an sheets. All in very good condition, but I won't take the risk of hidden stress-damage. Good opportunity then to put on anti fouling and maybe replace a few stopcocks as well. PLenty left on the to-do list.