Work trip across the channel

Work trip across the channel

Great 4 day sail + 9 crew (8 day Skipper- 1 comp crew)

Revised Shamrock Quay-Poole - Portland- Cherbourg- shamrock Quay

Planned route shamrock- Cherbourg- Alderney- Poole - shamrock

1st day was planned to go to Cherbourg with weather gusting F7, change of plan headed to Poole

Very good choice as a few where a bit sea sick

2nd was planed to Alderney but as bad weather was continuous, we legged down the coast to Portland nice big Swales kicking are back side in F7 gusting more, down came the main and sailed by the reef fore sail, hand out raw ginger seemed to help a bit, arrived in Portland with a great visit from some dolphins in the marina

3rd day weather was much better, up early and legged it to Cherbourg till about 1230 wind stopped, so motor on for a bit then the wind veered round to sw and picked, arrived in good time and meeting Queen Victoria leaving

4th day very early start again, great sun rise and good winds to start, then dropping and motor on for a bit. Hitting the needles was a very nice site as the day was long, wind picked up tide with us and hitting 11knots. Got back into Southampton water an anther visit from Queen Victoria leaving Southampton .