Woodbridge - Eemshaven (260 nm)

One week after purchasing the Anderson 26 "Kentish Plover" in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, UK I took her about 20 nm down the River Deben to start heading towards the NW Netherlands Coast. Initially very little still SE winds and let me drift up North with the tide. At dawn a little breeze picked up and the wind started coming around to Southerlies. Saturday crossing the North Sea was a like a Caribbean sailing day. Sun, hot, blue seas, nice backstay breeze & gennaker up for 16 hours (-: Sunday morning off Den Helder / Texel the weather quickly changed and breeze turned into a blow from SW to W. Some impressive waves build up during the afternoon. Only noticed a big Colin Archer coming out at Terschelling but it went back again /-: Because I was a bit worried (and tired too) that if hitting Ems Fairway buoy at eb tide the waves could be nasty I turned engine on North of Ameland and together with sails achieved quite a speed. Arrived at Ems Fairway at dusk and navigated up to Borkum & Eemshaven in the dark using both Engine & sails. Even though we had good boat speed the strong ebb tide at 4/5 knots that was now running made it a long ride and moored along side a Danish CTV at Amasus jetty... Next moorning met the captain and was offered a nice shower and a tour of the bridge. Tried to get some fuel as the tank was a bit empty but no luck /-: In the evening I used the flood tide and wind to sail to Delfzijl and have been busy stocking up more and sorting technical issues.