Left Carloforte Sardinia on Monday 16 September with two Swiss crewmen we motored out between San Pietro and Sant Antioco and around cape Teulada.

We had strongish easterly winds and the sea was lively as we tacked out and around the cape I decided to head into Teulada marina for the night as the following day easterly winds would abate.

Tuesday morning we headed out and once we rounded cape spartivento we headed out across the Mediterranean towards are destination of Palermo.

We had an excellent sail mostly close reaching with wind from SE Black Swan is able to sail at the speed of the wind being modern open cockpit lightweight boat.

The two Swiss guys were both experience yachtsman especially on sail trim. Sea state was flattish average wind speeds were about 6 knots it took us 48 hours from leaving Teulada to arrive at the Marina Villa Igeia.

Marina Villa Igeia is geared up for super yachts Black Swan look decidedly small against these privately owned gin palaces.