Aeolian islands

Aeolian islands

Completed my short sojourn of the Aeolian islands on 2 October with my Spanish crewman Juan.

We stopped on passage from Palermo at Cefula which is Ancient Greek polis or town. The twin towered cathedral makes excellent land mark. Cefula is popular tourist destination on the northern coast of Sicily. Certainly worth a stop over

Our next port of call was the new marina at Capo D’Orlando. Superb facilities and not too expensive, well as far as Italy goes?

From Capo D’Orlando we motored our to the most southern island Vulcano. The town is small but it has the largest Volcanic caldera circumference of the Aeolian islands not too high.

We watched people in the thermal mud spar covering themselves in light brown mud. Probably full of minerals however there was strong smell of sulphur.

The next day we visited the largest island and town of Lipari. The Castle fortification houses a museum full of interesting artefacts of mainly Greek pottery. Some of the vases were very beautiful.

We couldn’t see any pyrotechnics from Stromboli which was active in July/August. All the islands have black sandy beaches and like the Canary Islands.

My next adventure will be to sail to Tunisia to look at some of ancient remains of Carthaginians and Romans then back to Sardinia.