Age on Profiles

Age on Profiles

I have received a couple of complaints about members not being truthful about their age. Whilst some of you may be lucky enough to look younger than your age PLEASE be honest. It is very frustrating to be contacted by members that turn out to be 10 years older than they claim on their profile. You will most likely have to come clean about your age further down the line and this is not a good start to any relationship. Honesty really is the best policy.

On a more serious note when you sign up to the site and agree to the terms and conditions, you are agreeing to provide accurate and current registration information, included in this information is your age. Anyone found with inaccurate information can and will be deleted.

How to avoid misunderstanding

Some members do not have specific age requirements in a match, others do. If you are looking to meet members in a particular age range then ensure your matchmaker criteria is up-to-date (see the help page for details on managing your matchmaker). You could also add a note to your profile description stating your preferences, this way if a member stumbles across your profile they can sail on by if they don't meet your age specifications.

Thank you.