Cabrera National Marine Park - UPDATE

Cabrera National Marine Park -  UPDATE

Now we have been granted our mooring permit here is a little more background.

The Cabrera Archipelago is a protected maritime-terrestrial national park established in 1991. It lies <10 nm off the south east coast of Majorca.

Claimed by Pliny as the birthplace of Hannibal there are 19 islands in total, of which only the largest, 'Goat Island' is populated.

There are a number of hikes that can be arranged with the park ranger such as up to the 14thC lighthouse or a visit to the caves at La Miranda.

There is a museum with ceramics of ancient civilisations and more recent fishing and farming items that locals have used to survive throughout the years.

There are around 30 endemic plant species on the island and even more in the surrounding seas. Endangered animals such as turtles and whales come under the parks protection and rare species of fish and corals can be found in the underwater caves. The park prohibits fishing in its waters, making this area unique in the Mediterranean for marine life. A good snorkelling spot !

We have one place left if you would like to join us in Valencia on 7th April or in Palma on 12th April. We will return to Palma on 19th April after spending day or two in and around the Marine Park and sailing other ares of the Balearics.