Sailing blog without a sailboat! WTF?

So hey there... it’s me... another wants to go sailing but doesn’t have a sailboat guy.
not entirely sure about what to do about that... I have a job that pays ok but still trying to pay for everything the world throws at me and not saving much in the process. I should probably make a decision on this drone business thing. Soaking up a lot of money that could be going towards a sailboat and travel, but then it might also really take off and then I’d be able to afford anything I want in a boat-shaped mode of conveyance. What to do what to do...

Oh hi! I’m Howie by the way. Local aircraft mechanic and shift manager for a major Canadian airline in Toronto. I’ve been a sailor for... well.... a lot of years. I learned on my uncle's sunfish on Lake Erie back when I was seven. I’m now 51... you can do the math... I’m too tired from pulling three days of overtime and then another night shift at the hangar. Ugh.

since learning oh so many years ago I’ve spent more than a little time driving around in motorized and wind-powered marine craft of one sort or another whilst at the same time pursuing a career fixing helicopters and aeroplanes. There’s a fair bit more to it than that which no doubt I will wax on about at some point. Suffice it to say that for now... I’m stuck. Stuck wishing I was out sailing when in fact I am distinctly NOT out sailing.

I suspect there are a fair few amongst us here that are in essentially the same boat.

I’m hoping that my current efforts to extract myself from this seemingly never-ending wheel of land-bound drudgery will see success... and in blogging about it perhaps some of you can learn from my obvious and not so obvious mistakes without having to repeat them on your own!

For now... I’m headed to bed. Trying to get away from the night shift schedule. I’m off to the Toronto indoor boat show tomorrow courtesy of a friend who’s dropping a couple of tickets for me at the will-call booth. Thanks Ted!

Fair seas!