A plan is forming...

Ok so if this is going to be a reality and not just another dream one must have a plan.
my plan includes a fantastically expensive boat. Not you know... like superyacht expensive... I’m not going to have to sell my soul to the devil or play the violin really well... but more than just a few dollars are needed.

So as crazy as it sounds... it’s high time I started working on prototyping and selling a bunch of the inventions I’ve come up with over the years.

I’ve always been working for companies that needed something new built. Usually, tools of some form to assist in the maintenance of helicopters. It seems to have fallen to me to “get’er done” as it were. Little tools. Big tools... simple and complex... I’ve just had a knack for seeing how things should be put together and how to go about making them. I’m an aircraft Maintenance Engineer.... but that just translates out as helicopter mechanic. No... I’ve learned how to do this through sheer force of will and necessity. And having taken some strategically important extracurricular classes in CAD design and a whole lot of ******* tutorials.

Anyhow... I think the beginnings of the plan go thusly.

I’ve just gone and purchased a 3D printer three days ago. It’s an SLA type which for those of you not up on your three Dee printing terminology... it means this particular printer uses a liquid resin that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light.

So far I’ve printed the standard test print that comes with the printer which is a couple of chess pieces. And... I’ve already prototypes out what will be my first actual invention of my own to go to market! I hope!?!?!

So here it is... for you to evaluate and respond with yay or nay.

Without going into toooo much detail... it’s a selfie stick for action cameras and people active around the water. It floats. And not only does it float and save your camera from Davey Jones’s locker... but you can make it float vertically. Either camera up above the water... or camera down below the surface of the water through an internal mechanism. It’s super easy to use. Comes as a variety of different kit possibilities. In a variety of Colours. And is made from 75% recycled plastics. Mounts any camera with the standard GoPro mount system. And you can tow it behind you or above you when you are free diving, scuba diving, or snorkelling.

Seems like a cool thing to me... and maybe I’ll be the only one who ever has one... but maybe there are others out there who want one as well? Anyhow... it’s a plan... a few more prototypes should get the kinks out of it and then it’s off to Kickstarter and to see how many folks really are interested in it. And I guess we will see from there how close we get to the finish line for new boat buying. Not all the way I’m sure... but far enough to find the next project I’m hoping. And that finds the next... and eventually, they have all added up to equal boat and sailing kitty for a few months? Years?

Looking forward to finding out! It’s been a fun process and it was pretty exciting to get the printer delivered the other day. Ok... yes... I’m a nerd... what can I say... lol.


Who wants to beta test!?!?