Spain to Montenegro - Bad News and Good News

Spain to Montenegro - Bad News and Good News

As the Coronavirus epidemic grew into a pandemic the odds about the trip starting on time began to diminish. I was not daunted and made all preparations to depart on time (April 8th) and, if necessary amend the route to avoid Sardinia and Sicily by sailing to Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia and via Malta to the Greek Ionian. Failing that change of routing then a non-stop sail to Montenegro outside the 12 nm limit or via Albania. As the days passed the restrictions grew not just for air and land travel but also for sailing vessels The current situation is as follows:

Albania - People who have travelled to Italy or Greece in the past 14 days must self-isolate. Failure to do so will result in a Euro 5,000 fine.
Greece - Imposed a ban on all sailboats landing in Greek ports or travelling between 2 points in Greece and all yachts at sea must dock by midnight local time on Saturday 21 March
Italy (which includes Sardinia and Sicily) - Ports remain open but those arriving in Italy from abroad are obliged to self-isolate for 14 days, even if they have no symptoms.
Malta - Mandatory 14 day self-quarantine period for all arrivals
Montenegro - completely closed its maritime borders
Spain - no vessels allowed to depart port.
Tunisia - closed all its maritime borders

That’s the bad news - not possible to set sail or land at the end of the trip !

And the good news ?

When restrictions are eased our patience will be rewarded with a well deserved wonderful Summer (or Autumn) sailing trip back to Montenegro (photo is Chance Discovery off Perast in Boka Bay, Montenegro). With all this free time I shall continue with my Blogs about Pollution of our seas !