Boat part shopping during lock down....

Boat part shopping during lock down....

I know Amazon is all-powerful shopping tool. For everything but toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

I have a 40 year old boat and the company that built my stainless muffler Mameco is now defunct as my muffler drips salt water into the engine compartment and spews rust out the exhaust upon start up. The company that I found online is Centek and builds all shapes and sizes of fiberglass mufflers. The one I found online was a couple of inches wider but the design was perfect not having to make modifications. Having an Amazon account I went there and found it!!! Free returns right? So I ordered it for $200 USD and two days later I have it.

What about other stuff? I searched for zinc anodes and there it was. My 1-1/4 shaft zinc for less than $5 USD. West Marine charges 15 and my Marine supply house charges $10. Free shipping from Amazon for orders over $25.

So while I am in lockdown I can find boat deals. I bought a used Harken self-tailing winch for $200 plus shipping. Like new!

Stay sane and finish those boat projects. And if you don't know how....there is You Tube!

Health and happiness to you all!

Captain Barby