Might need some help

Good day

So here is the situation. I am first mate on a boat for a non-profit for people with PTSD, and we just got another boat so that we can take more people out on the bay. Valor (the flag ship of the program) will most likely have crew for her, the Hunter 45 we are working on does not as of yet, and I was told that I will be skippering her. What I am looking for in a couple people that would be willing to help out on the weekends when we go out so we can take both boats.

Most of the time we go to Angel Island and anchor for a little bit and maybe have lunch. Then a run out past the Gate, down the waterfront and around Alcatraz back to Emeryville. I do see some Delta trips in the future as well as coastal trips after the boat is re-rigged.

The boats are out of Emeryville California