The darn virus cut my ski season short and has now delayed my boating season, but that is just an inconvenience. I really feel bad for people that were and are sick, out out of work, and most of all died. Those are real tragedies.

It’s just strange that Rhode Island has such severe restrictions on out of state boaters. If you are familiar with New England RI is surrounded by Massachusetts on two of the three land sides. The Virus knows no borders. So if you live there you can use your boat, but if you are from Mass you need to quarantine for two weeks.

Of course Massachusetts is also asking all out of staters to self quarantine too. Don’t know if they are asking boaters to host quarantine flags like RI does.

We are supposed to get 2” of snow tonight so I can wait to sail in June when it will be warmer. On the bright side I may be getting a refund on my dock fee!