News from Coaster Harbo Navy Yacht Club

No change in the marina policy yet.Didn't think so. At least I can go down and look at the boat, ha ha. I don't mind because my wife likes to go shopping at the commissary on the base. They have some very good social distancing policies and unlike civilian super markets the patrons are very disciplined and abide by the rules. The Commissary does a great job on keeping everything disinfected too.

While she shops, CDC says only one member of the family should go in stores at a time so I am not being sexist or anything, I go on the boat and wait. The boat has a nice diesel heater so it is very comfortable and it gives me a chance to check dock lines and do some little things inside the boat.

The Coaster Harbor Navy Yacht Club is a nice group of people. They organize lots of events throughout the season and a few off season. I don't participate in many of them, I don't race, and haven't made any of the trips so far. But, they have some social events, pot luck dinner things, and a boat tour of members boats. Some of them have some really neat boats. Maybe because it is Newport there are mostly sailboats, but one member had a great trawler. They sold their home and live on it year round. Summer in Newport and winter in the caribbean. The boat was in Bristol shape. The engine room had two big John Deere Diesel engines and you could eat off the deck. Not a drop of oil or even a dirty rag in sight.

Marina Patrons,

"The beginning of NAVSTA Newport's summer boating season is delayed one month, until 01JUN, in order to best align local resources with DoD priorities during the coronavirus response. Until opening, the NAVSTA Newport Marina and all marina facilities will remain closed, including the boat ramp. Berthing and boating are not permitted. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website provides information to slow the spread of COVID-19 and many states, including Rhode Island and Massachusetts, have implemented travel restrictions. For recreational boat owners whose vessel has been moored at the marina through the off-season months and is still currently at the marina: owners may still come and check on their boats, but we ask that you closely follow the guidance provided by state officials and health authorities to slow the spread of COVID-19. Boats currently in the marina may not be used for recreational activities, and no work on the boats is authorized. We will be refunding a pro-rated amount to all impacted patrons. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will continue to communicate if further delays become necessary. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Mike Silvia if you have any questions."