Boston Marathon

If you are not from Massachusetts, and even if you are, you may not know that today, April 19, is Patriots Day. It used to actually be celebrated on the date but like so many other holidays it is celebrated on Mondays. It is marked by the world famous Boston Marathon. Of course this year it won't be run. I ran the race in 1967 myself when I was a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology. Today I probably couldn't run 385 yards at race pace let along 26 miles and 385 yards, ha ha.

I got this message from my favorite hospital today, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I had a telemedicine appointment with one of may docs there last week and he said this week may be the peak. I hope so. I live in the opposite side of the Commonwealth in Western Massachusetts. But even my little town has been hit by the virus that managed to find its way from half way around the world in China where it started.

A retired sailor I knew from my town, Captain Frederick E. Sallade, Retired, was one of 47 veterans that have died at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home. He is one two people that I personally knew that have died from the virus. Capt. Sallade was a Naval Aviator and after he left the active duty Navy as a Lieutenant remained in the Naval Reserve until his retirement as a Captain. We both served in the Naval Reserve at the now decommissioned NAS Brunswick, ME, although not at the time. He was a really nice man and a patriot. I really feel bad at his passing and I am very upset at the state run Solders Home for not taking precautions sooner to protect Capt. Sallade and the other 46 veterans who died there and the nearly 200 patients and staff that have been infected with virus so far. The home is being investigated by both state and federal agencies, but it is to little to late..

"Dear friends,In April, we typically look forward to cheering on our Boston Marathon®runners. Instead, we are cheering for health care workers on the front lines of this pandemic. And our Boston biomedical community is racing together to solve the immense challenge that COVID-19 presents. While the future remains uncertain, I remain confident in our team.At the same time, our neighbors in Chelsea and Revere are suffering disproportionately. We’ve created an MGH Equity and Community Health COVID Response Team to address disparities faced by patients and families in these and other communities. Many of you have asked how you can help. Your gift to our Emergency Response Fund supports interpreters, recovery coaches and community health workers. It expands testing, provides masks and translates information.This is our new marathon. We are deeply grateful to you for helping us sprint every step of the journey.Britain W. Nicholson, MDSenior Vice President of Development