Windy and Snow

We went down to Newport yesterday to shop at the commissary and check the boat out. It was cold and windy and had snowed in Western Mass. Could see patches of snow covered ground off the Mass Pike. Didn't see any snow on the ground in Newport, but did see some snow flakes.

Shops were finally open in RI. Went to the Helley Hansen store, but all the great specials were gone. They had some 50-70% off specials in March on ski apparel. I bought a few things, but when I went back they were shut down until Saturday. All the specials were gone. I am really all set for next winter if they open up again.

I took up skiing three winters ago at 70 to give me something to do in the long cold winters in New England. I wish I had done it when I was younger. I tried to learn by watching ******* and picked up some pointers, but it wasn't until February this year until I felt confident enough to graduate from the bunny slopes and green trails to ski on most of the Blue intermediate trails. I found some of the green trails as challenging as some of the blue.

We went to Germany in January and I tried the Blue trails that are supposed to be like Green in the states, but I was really over my head. I do have to admit my skiing improved after that trip. I was lucky I didn't get the virus there. Lots of skiers in Europe did get it around the same time because it came from China to Europe. Of course I think they got it at night going to clubs and lodges. We stayed at the Defense Dept. Recreation Center Edelweiss hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and didn't go clubbing. We did go to some nice restaurants in town in the evenings.

Of course the season was cut short because of the darn virus. I hope that the ski areas will be open in the Winter. One little area I had already bought a seasons pass for, Blanford in Mass., closed up shop and won't reopen. I have an Epic Military pass for next season and hope there are no problems and that I hold up physically to use it, ha ha. I also have a pass for Butternut in Great Barrington MA.