Social Distance on a sailboat?

Hopefully the marina will open up on June 1 as promised and we'll be able to work on my boat and take it out sailing. But, how do we social distance? I want to invite members out on the boat, but I don't want to make anyone sick or get sick myself. It would be nice if there was some easy test you could take, but even in the white house where they test all the time there has been several cases lately. The problem is you can have a test today saying your fine, and then you go to the supermarket after and get infected. That is what happened at the White House. Someone was tested, but a few days later when they were tested again were positive after they got infected on their days off.

Masks are helpful to prevent others from getting infected, but it may be a pain trying to sail with one on. Also, if you have a mask on and you are infected if you touch it with your hands you could now put it on a line or winch handle of something? Of course the wind and sun will be a big help, but staying 6' away could be a problem.

Anyone have any ideas about what they plan to do to prevent getting or giving the virus when they go sailing with non family members this year? (NO, buying a bigger boat isn't in the cards for me.)