Marina Opening June 1

Well, June 1 is around the corner and the Coaster Harbor Marina will finally be open for recreational boating. But, there are still a lot of rules that are going to make it hard to invite non family members to go boating. Also, no one is allowed to live aboard including staying on the boat overnight for now. I have to drive two hours down to Newport so I liked to stay overnight on the boat. Now that won't even be allowed. I hope they relax the rules soon, but I doubt it.

The marina is on the Newport Navy Station so they have bigger concerns about preventing the sailors, Marines, and others stationed and working there healthy. I guess they are trying to keep the number of outsiders as low as they can.

On top of that security has been enhanced again in Newport after another crazed Museum extremest tried to get on the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi TX, but was stopped and killed by the security force at the gate. Only one gate is open in Newport and they beefed up security there to make it even harder for any terrorist that wants to get on the base.

I guess I could sail the boat someplace and drop an anchor to stay overnight?