Feeling for those who are "imprisoned" still

Hi all, I read articles and blogs of sailors being forced in a lockdown (feels like imprisonment to some I heard) on their boats either in port or at anchor. I'm fortunate to live in The Netherlands where we had an "intelligent lockdown" so at least it was not forbidden to go outside, and we needed no passes. But recreational sailing was not an option.

Step by step things are opening up, even the borders of Schengen countries. But the distance rule still applies, so boats cannot be in multiple-rows at the docks, and toilets and showers are still closed. Also, I officially cannot invite anyone to join me, as it is impossible to guarantee a 1.5 metre distance onboard. This kept me in my home port, where at least I make no extra costs except some electricity. I hope in July the time comes to start to sail in The Netherlands and wait for more freedom in sailing to other countries.

My plans to first go to Norway and Scotland and Ireland will be scrapped. I hope to set sail for my world trip in either August or September and will start by going south to the UK (if allowed), France, Spain and Portugal and further towards Cape Verde Islands.

Good luck to all of you with big plans and smaller plans. I wish you a great summer sailing season.

P.S: maybe you heard of the recent event of an experienced sailor drowning in Lake Dillon due to not wearing a life jacket. Be safe all and wear it! It happens to the best.