South Florida Update - Don't Come Here

Shiver me damn timbers. The corona rates are rising and so are tempers. Lots of Americans are behaving badly. Our situation is changing rapidly. Several Florida counties now require masks to be worn indoors in commercial establishments (Monroe, Pasco, Pinellas, and others). Gov. DeSantis closed the bars statewide Friday, June 26. Strangely, last week I tried to get a hotel in Marathon and everything was booked through July 5. Maybe this is because all the maskless partiers from Miami are heading south. I was going to the Keys to look at catamarans but if I can't get a drink...

On the up side, sales of boats, cars, and RVs is through the roof during May and June. Ditto for new home construction in Charlotte county. I don't know why or where all the money is coming from but maybe folks have decided to take advantage of low rates. New boat prices remain constant but it looks like used boat prices may be coming down a bit. It has become a lot harder to get to Florida to look at used boats and I think that may be causing some folks to rethink their asking price. Used boats are still selling well though.

The shelves at West Marine are looking pretty bare. This despite the fact WM had the best month in its history in May. I was in the local store today and they have erected plastic shields at the registers and employees are wearing masks. I have been able to get materials but AGM batteries in some types and sizes are getting a bit tough to find. It took me over two weeks to find two Group 27 AGM deep cycles batteries.

Boatyards and marinas continue to operate as normal through most of south Florida. Miami is still the epicenter with 10% of Florida's population but 25% of corona cases. (Not to be confused with cases of corona). But Miami is no longer the only hot spot. Corona cases are on the rise in the Keys, up the east coast, and along the Gulf coast. The Keys are packed but I suspect recent regulations are going to change that fast. I will update this but if you plan to cruise Florida beware things might close in an instant. Gov. DeSantis says we are not closing again but I advise you to wear a mask. Arrgghh.