In Mast Furling Works - Getting Rid of Boat Smells

Went down to Newport on Sunday to test the Selden In Mast furling after I got help from a sail rigger to put the sail back in. I was going to take the boat out on the water, but my wife Mary suggested we try it from the dock in case there was a problem. That sounded like a good idea even though the wind was blowing a little harder than I would have liked and it was coming from the stern. But, it still sounded like a better idea than being out on the bay with a sail that wouldn't furl.

So when we got there we took turns testing it. I went first and was very happy to find that the sail unfurled without sticking. I only had to use the outhaul to do it. I then went up to spar and set it to Racket and again had no trouble furling the sail back into the mast. We waited awhile and then it was Mary's turn. I had to review the steps, but she did it on her own without any problems.

She loves to come down to Newport and hang out on the boat, but is happy to not go out. Because we got a late start we got there later than I wanted. There were Thunderstorm warnings from 13.00 to 20.00 so I was ok with not going out for a longer sail and used the time to do some more work on the boat. It seems that you can always find something to do on a boat.

Since I had already tackled some of the bigger things I could turn my attention to some smaller things like getting rid of a little rust on the stainless ink in the galley. I used some tooth past and an old tooth brush and got rid of most of it before I remembered I had some metal polish and was able to finish the little remaining rust with it. Looks good now.

Before this boat I had a 1979 O'Day 28 I bought on eBay. It din't take me long to find out why I got such a bargain. The boat bitterly stank. It took a long time to get rid of the obnoxious smells. I even bought a paper back book by Peggie Hall, "Get Rid of Boat Odors" that was quite helpful. One of her suggestions is to use a bio-active holding tank treatment like Raritan K.O. so I bought some and added it to the holding tank. She is also a fan of using Raritan C.P. which is bio-enzymatic to keeping it clean. It also works with K.O. well. So I use that too. It is not only good for cleaning the bowl, but for the sump and drains. It doesn't break down the hoses and contains no harmful chemicals that can damage the system.

Another thing she recommends is to check the vent lines. She said that sometime insects can clog the intake. With the smelly O'Day I thought I should check the intake and low and behold there was NO intake for the vent line In fact there was NO vent line. Evidently a previous owner decided to install a holding tank since dumping raw sewage was banned. Unfortunately he didn't bother putting in a proper vent line and the holding tank was venting into the vee birth cabin! No wonder it smelled so bad. I went ahead and vented the holding tank the way it was supposed to be in the first place and it went a long way toward getting rid of the smells.