Driving to Greece (updated October 2020)

Well, it was worth the effort.

The drive to Greece was great, except for negotiating the tarmac maniacs in Italy.

Crossing the borders proved no obstacle.. and crossing the S Alps was glorious.. about to start the return journey, tomorrow.. taking the ferry from Patras, instead of Igoumenitsa, not only saves 300km of driving.. but only costs €15 more on the ferry. Good tip!

Fabulous few months sailing in very quiet waters.. hardly any charter boats.

Rushed across the Cyclades, to avoid a strong Meltemi.. and focussed on sailing the S Dodecanese: Kos (SW just for anchorage enroute); Symi (watching and swimming with turtles); Tilos (very eco conscious), (the amazing) Alimia; (compact Italuanate) Xalki; Rhodes and my beloved st Paul's Bay in Lindos.

Previously... back in July 2020..

We are leaving tomorrow.. from Cornwall.. driving via France & Italy, then ferry to Igoumenitsa.

Arriving Aigina on Sunday.. if our Greek friends will allow us in.. and not quarantine us for 14 days.

Fingers crossed.


2 to 3 months on the water.. Sardonic, Cyclades, Rhodes and back.

Could be fun!