Independence Day Fun

Hope you all had a great Independence Day, got to do some sailing.

We celebrated the national holiday in Newport hanging out on the Mary E III most of the time. Because restaurants are open in Rhode Island we did go out to eat a couple of times. Once at the Gulf Stream Bar And Grille in Portsmouth located at Safe Harbor Marina/New England Boatworks 41º35'22" 71º17'00". If you want to eat there you can sail your boat and dock for free while you are at the restaurant. We didn't sail this time, just drove over, but even though I am not to crazy about the food I'll do it sometime this summer. I ordered the lobster roll, but it had red onions. Onions don't like me and it ruined the sandwich. I also though it was on the expensive side at $25.00. But, there are other less expensive options on the menu and you can dock your boat for free so it is a good destination. (It is a little tricky finding the small entrance to the place. The whole area used to belong to the US Navy and they hat PT boats there during WWII)

Also went to the Taproot Brewing Co. at the Newport Vineyards in Middletown RI. Also ordered a lobster roll, only $20.00 and no red onions. Liked it better, but will order something else next time I eat out. By the way in both places you have reservations, wear a mask when you aren't at the table, and all the other virus stuff.

Finally took the boat out. Mary hates sailing, ha ha. In fact she said she is going to start looking for a trawler (I am not to worried because the price tag will scare her and she doesn't like spending money). It was fairly windy, so she wanted to sail with just the main. I find the boat doesn't sail well with just the main. We were over by the Pell Newport bridge and the current was so strong that we were just about standing still if not going backwards. I fired up the Yanmar and motored away from the bridge.

The good news is the newly lubricated furling gears on the Selden In Mast furling worked great and even with the brisk wind we had no trouble unfurling and furling the sail. If you haven't lubricated your furling gears in a while I highly recommend it. I also lubed the Furlex for the jib and that works a lot better too. I hd so much trouble last year I thought about buying an electric winch and also tried using a Milwaukee drill. This year didn't need it and will save a ton of money by investing in a tube of Selden lube instead of an electric winch, ha ha.

Really glad I talked to the rigger at the New England Boat Show in Boston this year who told me to try lubricating first. Wish I didn't loose his card because he was very honest and gave some good advice. I talked to someone at the Newport show last Fall and he just wanted to sell and install the electric winch. Pays to get a second opinion.

So if you are in and around Newport and want to go sailing send me a message. I am available to go out most of the time. I live in Western Mass so I need a couple days notice if I can get it.