"Pre-Flight" Check off list

I am going to make a "pre-flight" check off list like an aviator would use before taking off with his airplane. I hate it when I am rushed and remember that I forgot to do something when I am underway. The list will make it easier to remember. I posted some photos in my pictures of some of the things that will be on the list with photos. Pre-flight lists are really important on airplanes as you can imagine what could happen if you forget to do something important. But, on a sail boat they can also prevent problems too.

For example I don't have a photo yet, but I put a bungee around the jib so the wind won't unfurl the sail in a storm and I have to remember to do it at the dock instead of when I am underway and the boat is bouncing up and down in the waves. I often forget to put the tell tail wind vane indicators on the shrouds too.

I also have to make a "post-flight" check off list too. For example I forgot to put the bungee on the jib and a storm came up and unfurled the jib. I wasn't there and some guys at the marina took the sail down, but it was to late it already ripped. I had to buy a new jib that cost as much as I paid for the whole boat, the Mary E II an O'Day 28 I bought on eBay. It needed a new sail, but i ended up only getting one season out of it because we bought the Mary E III, the Marlow-Hunter 33 we have now. Could have gotten through the last season with the crappy old jib if I had remembered to secure it with a rope or bungee so it wouldn't unfurl in a storm.