How to trouble shoot your Quiet Flush Electric Toilet when it won't flush.

I got this email when I was trying to figure out why my Quiet Flush Electric Toilet would take water in, but not flush up to the holding tank. It was something I thought I would try, but thought it best to double check with the pros. I also got the same advice from Head Flush in Newport RI. They specialize in marine plumbing and were quite helpful in solving some other problems I had with the Mary E III plumbing.

By the way Mr. Compagna was quite prompt in replying to my emailed question. Also, I was lucky that Defender in Waterford CT had a sale on the pump I needed. Waterford is kind of on the way, well not that far out of the way, when I drive down to Newport from Western Mass so I went to their big warehouse store on the way. Of course they can ship but I got it quicker and saved the shipping fee by going there in person. Also, it is good to know that if you like to shop at WestMarine they have a price match policy for competitors within 50 miles. Defender is a little farther, but they did match their price in the past.


Hello D. John,

Thank you for contacting Jabsco.

Do you hear the motor of the toilet operating when you push the button?

Please test the orange wire at the toilet when you push the flush button to verify if the motor is receiving 12 volts.

If the motor is receiving 12 volts and it is not operating, you will need to replace the motor assembly.

Part number 37072-0092.

If you are not receiving 12 volts, you will need to find where the voltage is stopping.

Paul Campagna

Market Application Manager

Xylem Inc.