Rules of the Road

Do you know the rules of the road? I don't know why I have had so much trouble remembering them, but I am making an extra effort to memorize the rules for Sailboats. For other vessels they are fairly simple and obvious, but all of the stand on stand off, windward, leeward, and port and starboard tacks proofed a little confusing, but I think I have sorted them out.

Of course the basic rule to avoid colliding with another vessel is the prime directive and the important one to remember. No point of the rule saying you are the stand on vessel and running into another boat because they don't know the rules.

Anyway if you are a little confused yourself I found a bunch of good tutorials on ******* that explain them with little animated boat cartoons and arrows showing the wind. I watched a bunch them and think I have it now. This is the important Rule 12 of the COLREGS. Watching the videos helped me. (Sometimes I think I am slightly dyslexic. Maybe that is why I don't have any trouble driving in the UK or Ireland?)

Rule 12

Sailing Vessels

(a) when two sailing vessels are approaching one another, so as to involve risk of collision, one of them shall keep out of the way of the other as follows:

(i) when each of them has the wind on a different side, the vessel which has the wind on the port side shall keep out of the way of the other;

(ii) When both have the wind on the same side, the vessel which is to windward shall keep out of the way of the vessel which is to leeward;

(iii) if the vessel with the wind on the port side sees a vessel to windward and cannot determine with certainty whether the other vessel has the wind on the port or the starboard side, she shall keep out of the way of the other.

(b) For the purposes of this Rule the windward side shall be deemed to be the side opposite that on which the mainsail is carried or, in the case of a square rigged vessel, the side opposite to that on which the largest fore-and-aft sail is carried.