Hello, I live in Puerto Vallarta and have been looking for a sailboat, mono-hull or cat for the last eight months. I am on a humble budget. I have a feeling that with covid, 40 million Americans out of work and personal issues some who have boats are going to have to sell. I am a buyer. My ad will not appeal to those that expect last years market price. I recently visited Marina Seca in San Carlos and there are almost sixty abandoned boats there. The local marinas there also are experiencing owners of boats not responding to calls for payment or the very least boat maintenance. So, maybe you are reaching that point where to un-complicate your life you want to pass on your boat to someone who will make use of it in a grand way. Or, maybe you don't actually need the money but your situation is not going to allow you to return to Mexico easily and you want to pass on the pleasure of your boat. I am a buyer in an environment that might see fewer of us come spring time. I would like to hear from you. Saludos, Patrick