Currently in the market for a well-built heavy displacement 40-55' bluewater ketch/cutter. Preferably center cockpit. Skeg mounted rudder and partial fin to full cutaway keel. Big tankage with good stowage. Sea kindly galley and bunks. 3 cabins and 2 heads preferably. Low engine hours. Genset driven A/C would be nice. Older electronics is ok. Some needed work/TLC is fine, but not looking for a major multi-year project. Roughly 1978-2000 time period. No hurricane damage or boneyard boats. Love the old cutter rigged Taiwanese boats with clipper bows.

I'm a fan of Ted Brewer, Bob Perry, Bill Shaw, Sparkman & Stephens, Ted Hood, Gary Mull, Bill Dixon, William Garden, Ted Gozzard, Gary Hoyt, F. Michael Kaufman, Vince Lazarra, David Pedrick, Doug Peterson, Bruce Roberts, Walter Shultz, R. W. Hardin, German Frers, etc. That should give you a good idea of the design and build quality I'm looking for.