The East Coast we will explore is mostly covered by Ice, and the Icecap and its Glaciers reach the shore in between huge and deep fjords, generating huge and magnificent icebergs. The pack-ice allows the ships to reach the shore only a few months per year, making this part of the country one of the most remote areas of the planet. We will live two to three weeks in complete autonomy, enjoying the fabulous landscapes, the drifting icebergs, surrounded by whales, seals. We will use our dingies to reach the shore, the more experienced will take the folding kayaks to approach smoothly the animals, and sail towards another fjord, leaving the iced peaks of the coast behind us in a goldy mirage. This is a place of total wilderness, kingdom of walruses, polar bear and many species of marine mammals, feeding into the rich waters, before the long winter. There are no harbours, no roads, no villages, and we will experience the intimate feeling of being "into the wild". Time schedule is as follows: July 12th – 31st* (Starts in Isafjordur, Iceland, and ends in Ammassalik, Groenland); then August 06th - 26th (Leaving from Ammassalik and coming back in Western Iceland); Please contact me for details. Stephane