I'm Tim a double below-knee (1986) Army Veteran. I'm a retiring highway engineer and surveyor going on an adventure, starting April 2020, sailing around the world, exploring many countries and Islands and hiking up mountains on the way. The plan is to get to Australia in November 2023. I have over 50k miles experience and am an RYA YM. I'm the first UK double amp to run a mile, first double amp to climb Mt Blanc, Mt Cameroon, Mt Elbert, Mt Olympus and many more, walked the Pennine way last year. I'm very lay-back and will always discuss things with the crew, I always want to hear your opinions, but as skipper/owner I have the final say. When we're not sailing drink as you like, I will, but onboard a couple of tinnies or a G+T, weather permitting, is ok after the evening meal. ONE RULE NO DRUGS ON THE BOAT OR ONSHORE, IF YOU DO, YOU'RE OFF THE YACHT REGARDLESS OF WHERE WE ARE.