Here is an update on the trip which is the subject of some earlier posts and blogs on Lovesail. Please also check my blogs for the trip from Montenegro to Spain last year to discover what fun we had coming to Spain. The return should be even more fun utilising the knowledge gained prior. Chance Discovery is a very well maintained Ocean Going Yacht with full safety equipment. She is very sea kindly and can be sailed with ease in all sea states and wind conditions. This trip is going to be around 2,000 to 2,500 nm in total from Valencia in Spain to Tivat in Montenegro. ETD from Valencia is 8th April and the final deadline for arrival is Mid June. The trip will take in a variety of places and split into approximately 7 to 10-day legs allowing people to jump on and off at mutually convenient locations. Crew can join for the whole trip or parts of it. The route from Valencia will be taking in The Columbrettes Islands which were declared a wildlife reserve in 1988. They are uninhabited and of volcanic origin. We will anchor one night in the crater (extinct so don’t worry) of the largest and then proceed to Majorca. From there we will stop in Palma, Majorca with time to visit sights ashore before continuing to the Cabrera Archipelago National Park - a group of 19 protected islands. Spectacular underwater meadows where the underwater environment is supposedly among the best in the Mediterranean with very large groupers, octopi, loggerhead turtles and hopefully dolphins playing in the meadows will grace us with a visit. Entrance to the park requires a special permit so please contact me early if you wish to join because I have to declare the number of people on board. A short trip back to Palma for crew change (if needed) and then SE to Tabarka which has the only coral reef in the Med. Along the coast and down to Sid Bou Said to see the sights and from there North to Sardinia. Onwards East to the Aeolian Islands so see Stromboli erupting at night and a day trip up the volcano (the safe side). Also a visit to Volcano Island itself and a walk around the rim with the smoking fumaroles followed by mud bath and swim in the sea with its bubbling hot water. Don’t be put off by recent eruption reports around the world - I am a geologist and would not take any risks. From there, through the famous straights of Messina off the East coast of Sicily and visit the Roman amphitheatres and also See Mount Etna. There will then be a sail East to the Southern Ionian to visit the famous wreck Bay and the Turtle nesting site on Zakinthos. Thereafter North winding through the various islands of Odysseus’s with time to explore ashore on our own Odyssey. We will not have 10 years for it but certainly enough time to get a real flavour of the area. After the Ionian, we will sail directly to Montenegro from Corfu after a trip around the Northern tip of the Island and maybe a short excursion to visit Albania for those who would like to do so. In Montenegro, we can visit the splendour of Kotor Bay and see some other wonderful places along its coastline. We already have two confirmed crew for two different Legs of the Trip and all places are on a first-come-first-served basis. Places are open to single males, single females and couples. Why not come with a friend if you prefer? If interested in joining please contact me for further information and updated availability. And do ask questions !