Everything on hold , no yachts allowed entry into Pacific island countries until this coronavirus is delt with, so I’m stuck in beautiful New Zealand.... Hopefully Departing new Zealand enforce may 15, that’s when my visa is up..., , sailing to Fiji, spending Fiji sailing , then sailing to Vanuatu ..depending on weather and what the outcome of coronavirus, Nz is doing very well contained the virus with 14 day quarantine, which means if you fly in you can self quarantine on the yacht Visit my pictures for photos of the boat There is a daily contribution rate to come on this sailing adventure and exploring these amazing islands Tonga has stopped yachts and cruise ships from entering, Fiji is OPEN Sail just the passage or include some sailing and exploring in the Fiji islands ,this is fourth season to explore Fiji islands Well equipped sailing yacht ,well maintained, very experienced captain Gain your off shore sailing experience and a vacation at the same time Don't miss this incredible opportunity.. Cheers Captain Louis