Been in the boat business 40 years. 200-ton captain, former yacht broker and charter fleet manager, currently ABYC certified marine electrician and corrosion tech. I have been rehabbing boats since age 15 and have lots of experience with craft of all types. Looking for warm water adventures on well-found craft. I do not cut corners on safety, maintenance and equipment and am interested in crewing aboard well-maintained vessels of almost any size and type. I will serve as captain, mate or delivery crew for pay. On rare occasion I may crew for free or share expenses if it is a pleasure cruise somewhere I want to go. Some folks think that means they are going to get an electrician and mechanic for free to fix up their boat. lol. I am a hard worker and always ready to stand watch, navigate, trim sails, cook, clean, etc but I do not do mechanical and electrical work for free. If I have to pick up a tool I will be on the clock. I am self-employed and can travel whenever I wish. Resume upon request.